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I have been working on an extension to my train shed so I don't have to carry out cars two at a time and place them on the tracks. It is about 15' 4" long and will be 4 tracks wide. This will give me about 20' or so of yard length. I hinged the roof so it can be lifted up for access to the trains. I need to get sheeting for the roof yet and some rolled roofing. I have siding to match the 8'x8' storage shed. I plan on using 1x4 pine stock [cut down to rail height and striped] for 3 of the tracks and Aristo 5' for the other. Does pine work ok for this or is a better wood needed?
I also built a bridge from layout to shed [plank] for access. Here are a few progress pictures.


more work ahead! I'm on vacation this week so should make progress.
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You might want to split that roof into multiple sections... it will get mighty heavy once it is sheathed and shingled.
one more picture

Semper Vaporo , It will be heavy, but hopefully access won't be reqiured to often.
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That's really cool.
Nice design--clever roof. What will you cover it in?
Nice job !!!!
Let me guess, will the finished paint job look like the Woodcrest shops... or Paducah?
Really nice looking storage Leon. Looks substantial too!
Excellent storage area! The idea if dividing the top into two hinged sections is wise. Will be heavy once sheathed and shingled. Ventilation might be a good idea also.
A little more progress on the shed. I ran out of lumber and headed to Home Depot tonight. Got everything, but had to order black rolled roofing for it.They will have it by tommoro. A good friend stoped today and mentioned he might be able to get ahold of a hydraulic jack system used to lift semi tractor cabs. Wow! wouldn't that be cool. Will have to see about that if he can get it.

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The 3 support boards pivot on a screw and swing back and up toward the hinged side when not in use. Thanks for the comments everyone and suggestions.
Hey Dave, What color are those 2 buildings anyway? Do you have a color photo of them you could post here? [Woodcrest shops, Paducah]
tbug, is ventilation necessary for our trains? I don't really know. Has anyone had a bad experince because of no ventilation?
I think you will out grow it by next summer.
I think you will out grow it by next summer.

Hmm. That's experience talking.
I found a couple..

Two of the Paducah Ky shop buildings...

Two shots of the Paint and Washdown shops at Woodcrest Il.

Main shop building at Woodcrest Il.
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Hi Marty, Your probably right, but it is going to help me out alot as far as running a train on the spur of the moment. Wanted to build a bigger shed but the wife said no as we have our contract at work [with tight ass TYSON] coming up in January. Last contract we took a 5 year wage freeze, so we are taking a big hit now with gas and everything else going up .
Bad news for me!!! I pulled a dum on. I was checking out track switch and track inside my shed with my Mallet. Yes, I left my metal square laying on the tracks and I beleive it shorted something out in the Mallet. Won't run now. Will probably send it to Aristocraft and see if they can fix it. There goes my only battery powered engine for your" thingy". I still plan on coming down on Sat. tho.
Dave, Thanks for the pictures.
Ready for the rolled roofing. It has not came in to Home Depot yet. Primer has been applied.

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Oh Yea, I was curiuos as to what the roofs weight was so far. So I took the bathroom scale and it weighted in at 130 lbs. so far. Just a little cling and jerk and it's up. Will check it after the rolled roofing is applied. Body building while playing trains, WHEW!!!

Very nice, you'll have to buy some more engines and cars to fill it up.
Very nice Leon... I'm impressed.
If the lid turns out to be too heavy. You could always at a couple of upright posts to the hinged side and add some Calble, pully, with counter weights to make it easier.

It's a fine looking train shed.
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