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I have long runs of track across my hill. Approximately 120 of straight track in 4 locations. IT MOVES!! Most of it is free floating on 2x lumber with no ballast. Every winter it pulls its self a part at the weakest rail clamp. The clamp isn't weak, it is just not the tightest. Every summer the track expands and slides off the 2x road bed support.

I am in the middle of the East Coast of US, so I am sure those farther north or south have wider temperatures respectively.

I have purchased a dozen ExpandoRails from Hillman last year. Where I have installed them, they work great. The paper that comes with it suggests to install it as described above. It says that they are designed to accomodate 150 degrees F at 30 feet of track. The gap is 5/8 inch. I am not going to install them every 30 feet, but intend to place them where the stress seems greatest, i.e. where the track comes apart in the winter.
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