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Excellent Colorado Photos

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Some of the best photos I have ever seen of the RR's in Colorado are here:


The site is in German, but the photos don't need explanations. Check out pages 2..4 (Seite...), page 1 is an introduction.

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Happy new Year!

Thanks Henner for the Bilder ,some of the german forum have excellent info/builders/logs!
Manfred Diel

Going to have to make my father a collage with this photos lol, He loves his Accucraft K28

Something to hang on the wall.
Wow Henner. Thanks for pointing this out - great photos indeed!
Nice shots of Colorado!!!!!

I grew up in Denver, remember the y6bs and other late steamers running by my house in Arvada. Krauss Maffies also ran on the Moffet Route.
Rode the Pikes Peak Cog when it was still steam. Talk about a ride, temperature differences, etc, made for an adventurous trip.
The Colorado Railroad Museum was my second home.
Love the Georgetown Loop until the State Historical Society screwed over the Ashby's.
The new line over LaVeta to Alamosa to Antonito and Chama is the best ride in the country.

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you know how I can get a Garratt T-Shirt (XL) ?
Excellent photography, almost as breath taking as being there....does bring back memories of riding those rails!
Henner, thanks for sharing the pics, very nice!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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