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Engine gets starts slow then speeds up

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I'm trying to figure out why my engine seems to take a while to warm up. When I first bring it out, it runs very slowly and then after several runs, it eventually seems to go faster.

I just recently installed my track. It is 75' and a mix of lgb and aristo brass. I've been cleaning the track with a pole sander and making sure the pickups are clean and shiny. I've tested the voltage on the entire system and it is consistent.

I do have a 2-3% grade in some spots and the engine is so slow when it starts that it just can't make it up these hills. Once it has "perked" up it has no problem with these grades.

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My thought is that if you checked out the track and the power source well.
Engine's wheels are clean?
I am betting it is a binding problem of some kind...I have had those issues...when starting or going slow...you get an uneven or no movement at all untill you push it.
Try looking over the engine very closely, putting it up on rollers and test from a stop to slow speed, and even, if noting is noticable I have even taken off the plate covering the motorblock..very carefully of course...could be something very simple to fix as the LGB 0-4-0s' are bullitt proof.

I have also read here that maybe the slider springs has something to do with it also, maybe they are sticking and not free flowing, increasing pressure on the rails, and by pussing it it sems to free them up a little...not sure..isn't it fun to problem solve?

Hope this helps

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Posted By Greg Elmassian on 06/09/2008 1:49 PM
Bubba, re-read his first post. That will convince you it is not the track power or cleanliness.

Could he have corrosion or dirt on his wheels? Not likely that it would clear up by itself.

Thick grease is the first theory I have heard so far that fits what we have been told so far.

Regards, Greg

Greg read my post a little further down as I feel that is potentially what is going on...sliders...maybe.


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OK....just though of something....try a different power supply....if they ALL act the same way maybe it is the power pack you are routinely using.

By trying a different power supply maybe we can narrow the problem down....to it being a faulty power supply.

The give away is that they all act the same way....that is not the norm or possible, as problems with a locomotive are always associated with that one loco and NOT the whole stable of locos!

For giggles and grins get a differnt power supply with the same rating as the one you are routinely using....making sure that it works properly for the person you are brorrowing it from....THEN get one that has, at least double or tripple the power of the one you routinely use.

But try ALL the locos on both power supplies!

This will tell you 2 things, by process of elimination....

1. If in fact you ARE having an issue with your power supply in question.

2. It will isolate if you ARE having a problem with any of your locos....or having an issue at
all with the locos.

Remember that this process is only going to be succesful if you have already eliminated the track problems....dirty track, and conductivity....the sliders will tell tale when you run all of the locos...you could also remove the sliders for testing AFTER you have tested as suggested above.

I can't wait to hear the results.

Hope this helps

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Posted By jimtronic on 07/13/2008 8:07 PM
Hooray! My problem is finally solved. It was indeed a power supply inadequacy. I'm happy to say I'm sitting outside on a beautiful summer night, drinking wine, and watching my little black engine pull all four cars up and down the grades with no problems.
I upgraded my starter set LGB power supply (20V 1A) to the MRC Power "G" (22V 10A). I chose the MRC instead of the Aristo Elite (recommended above) because I could get it locally and had read online that it worked well with the Crest Train Engineer and specifically LGB trains.
Thanks for all the help. Sorry for not understanding electronics.

I think I stated this solution on June 26th....better late then never.

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