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Posted By vsmith on 09/22/2008 3:19 PM
Cool ! these are great platforms for bashing BTW.

Couldn't agree more, Shoe. The little Toy Train 0-4-0's are wonderful platforms for bashes...

Great job!!!! :):):):)

The Hartland Value cars are just perfect for the locomotive to make a very nice looking train.

To start, you might just dull the entire locomotive with some Krylon Arcylic Matte. Can #1311. Test it first to make sure it's compatible with the paint you used.

For weathering, I use water thinned acrylic Patio Paint flat black, gray, tan and other colors in an airbrush. The paint is available in the craft section at Wal-Mart. As Jerry mentioned, chalk works great as well....

Not to steal your thread but here's a 'bash I did from the 0-4-0 motor block for some other ideas to stir up some creative juices....

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