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Eggliner Lights?

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For my Eggliner Coaches, I have some small battery powered lights that shine pretty bright. Is there anyway to get the lights in the Eggliner loco itself to shine an even brightness level to match without going 90mph? Or do I need to replace all lights on the loco with LED's? Looking for a diesel horn for the loco also, anyone have one? Jerry
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I plan on lighting my homebuilt eggliner with LEDs. You can use a 3v battery w/o resistors. As for the horn, ITT makes a good one that is very inexpensive. It uses reed switches for a trigger.
LED's need a resistor to limit the current. Just add a 15 ohm resistor to keep the led from shorting and making the battery go up in flames.
Save these links in your favorites.

The first is a tutorial on wiring LEDs.
LED Circuits

This is the easiest and most complete tutorial on LEDs I have found to date.

The second is a calculator that tells you what resistor you will need for a particular circuit.
LED Calculator

It is also very easy to use.
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