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eclsts venders

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Are there any venders that are going to setup at the eclsts that will have any hartline short cars. I need three or four of them
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Do you mean Hartland?  Yes, I have seen their trains for sale at the show. 

The Bachmann passenger cars work on R1.  You might be able to find the shorty Hartland coaches, but I don't specifically recall looking for them.   Also, the Aristo Sierra coaches have lights and work on R1 and the LGB 3080 series coaches can have lights added but work on R1.

To be honest,  the aristo sierra cars (the new ones) have lights and I think they look pretty good.  The LGB ones will have plastic wheels (which you'll probably want to change), and no lights.  

LGB coaches can be funny.  For a long long time,  LGB coaches were in the 90-100 range.  

A quick comparision on wholesale trains shows the following:

LGB coach : $77
Aristo Sierra coach: $80

Now, the aristo sierra cars do have some drag due to the way that power is picked up.  However, you could remedy this a couple of different ways.  Ball bearing wheel sets with power pick ups is one way.  I have used the LGB ball bearing wheelsets and they have the power pick ups already in place ready for the wire.  If you removed the wiper from the one end, 

The other one you might want to watch out for is the USA Overton passenger car.  They also have steel wheels and lights installed.  The price listed on wholesale is $63.  I personally think those look too tall, but you might like them. 

You are going to have fun at the ECLSTS running from booth to booth in search of aristo sierras, LGB passenger cars, Bachmann Jackson and Sharpe cars, Hartland cars, old Delton cars, and USA Overton cars!   Good luck.  Hope your track spikes still fit. 

check out the different manufacturers websites.  If the USA  ones tickle your fancy, you could also call Charles Ro and discuss with him if he would bring a specific road name for you to the show.  My friend wanted a full set of the New Haven streamliners and called RO to see if they'd bring him a set.  They told him yes and he was one of their first customers last year!! 


PS I was curios, so I tried finding some HLW cars on the net.  I found them at St. Aubins and the short ones and the long ones are listed at $73 each.  Now I don't have any idea if they actually have them in stock, but it looks like all of these cars are the same price.  So, that means it comes down to what do you like?  You might get lucky and find some old Delton passenger cars (the predacessor to the Hartland). 
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