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ECLSTS 08 (SA style)

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Here is a test of one photo with Brittany, Nick and Ryan:
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This is interesting, I just finished added three replies and now there is only one....Dwight where are you? Help!
The second portion:
The East Coast Large Scale Train Show had a very good turn out.  It is amazing that the Tri-State area functions on the Friday that the show opens each year.  The volume at attendee's and the amount of good going out the door must of made some vendors very happy this past weekend.
Prior to the opening, Brittany had posted about the MLS live steam members attending the show.  We have had several opportunities to enjoy the hobby with her and Joe.  Brit really enjoys live steam with a great deal of steam related knowledge and broad array of skills on several locomotives.
Her and fellow steamers giving the GS4 a once over:

Interesting how the GS4-GW (Gordon Waton) can attract the narrow gauge diehards such as Dave Rose!

Brit, Nick and Ryan having discussion about her upcoming run:

Brit preparation to run is encouraged by Pete:

Brit and her engine roll along as a "grand steam master" Bob Moser looks on:

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A third installment, since the entire thread would not upload properly:

One of the situation most common to a live steam up are the imprompt "fix it" session.  John was trying to fine tune the suspension of his Allie with many offering a hand and much more offering advice:

Good fortunate fell upon John this weekend with the "guru" of the Allie happened to be in attendance.  Robert is the person that one would want to chat with but to have him there assisting made all the difference in the tractive effort of this engine:

Back together and awaiting a run"

Shortly thereafter, John had it back on track for a good session along the rails:

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Speaking of big engines: East meets West:
Interesting that both engines match in length...

There at the meeting the AC-12 was well attended (3) but only one made a acceptable performance (about one hour of continuous running) Ryan stopped the engine once to re-fuel and add oil to the lube tube.

Of course, we will miss Nevada Bill and his new experiences with the extra couple of boxes that he departed with from his last meet with Aikenback Live steamers.  Best to you and yours, hope all goes well:

Normally, Jay, "the camera bug" would have had a string of photo covering most all things and in particular NG but he seems to have been smitten by the honey do's and a foreign object related to the number 129:

Until morning and maybe a better functional capacity with MLS.  Or as Justin might say, wait until the "smoke" clears you'll get a better picture of what is going on....
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As posted by Jon with the size perspective of Narrow Gauge- kinda a oxymoron, maybe that is why Dave and Justin are studying the situation:

This event would not happen with out the generosity of Mike Moore. Both his tracks, the big one and this smaller one made helped to accommodate the many live steamers in attendance:
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