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Posted By East Broad Top on 01/21/2009 1:43 AM

As for batteries, I'm going to experiment with LiIon batteries in this one, so there should be ample room. I may put sound in this one, but if Bruce can squeeze everything needed inside the body of his M-3 model, this tender will be a breeze!



Super job with this model. It's always a pleasure to see what comes out of the shops in Centennial. I think you'll be quite happy with the Li-ion's. I've been using them for quite some time in a number of different applications. If you have room for 4400 mah cells, I've found them to be better than a 2200. That's if you're going with 14.4 volt.

I'm sure you've researched them and their supply source but, I've switched my supply source to this site. 14.4 volt 4400 mah Li-ion

Will be awaiting the images of the paint and final details. :) :) :)
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