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Just had some troubles with not receiving packages from fleabay purchases. Spolke with the head guy at my post office and was told a couple of points that were the causes of my problems.

On one of the packages, it was delivered saying it was from amazon and 4 days later, got an ebay message saying it had been delivered that day. As it was a tiny screw deal for locomotives and such, I shook the package and thought it was vitamins that I had ordered from amazon. Found out that the seller has some sort of rental deal with amazon where amazon keeps and mails their items. And the other problem was that apparently someone put the wrong tracking number on the wrong package and the info I got on the delivery was for some package sent to someone else. I thought that the post office would put the tracking number on the package, but apparently not.

The other package arrived a day later than the notice that it had been delivered. I am not sure if it was a case of it being delivered to an incorrect address and then given back and delivered as I had mail pieces that had "wrong address" written on them. Also had the mailman hand me a package and then come back and tell me he realized that the package was for the next house. But the post office head guy I spoke with said that the scan is when the package arrives at the local post office and not when it is delivered so one may see that the package is delivered when it is just still at the post office. But it says "delivered" on the postal tracking and fleabay, so?????

Perhaps you guys may not know about informed delivery. It is an email you can get daily telling of what mail is supposed to arrive that day and also packages coming soon. But warning on that, it can say packages are supposed to be deliverd on a day andf they don't arrive for a day or two.

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