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looks like the new forum hasnt recognized you as a 1st class member..
thats why the Ebay column is still there..

Shad mentioned this might happen to a few people, he knows about the problem.
there is a "password reset" that might work for you..
from Shad's "WHOAH!! What happened?? Click here to find out!" message:

The old forums are locked so that no new posts can be made there. Please post all new topics in their respective forums here in the new forums. If you'd like to continue a conversation that was going on in the old site, simply start a new topic here.

Next question, "Why can't I log in?" I did my best transfer all user accounts over with their passwords, however, it was very much hit and miss. If your password doesn't work, reset it here:


Along those lines, I did my best to make sure all 1st class memberships were transferred over. One or two may have fallen through the cracks. You can check your status at:


Your expiration date should be listed there.


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Ah, but they're fun to look at!
MORONS, buying used for higher than list, selling JUNK, even thinking about putting some of that JUNK on EvilBait in the first place is hilarious!
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