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Hi All,

Another flatcar that has been built that has gained some removable sides (and loose ends) as well, so I can have either version.

Flatcars had a 'top' added top make a coal car; some photos show just the sides, with no ends fitted, very like the D&RG 'idler' cars on the Farmington Branch. I suspect that the ends which were not really fixed, except by the load pushing the end planks against the end pillars. Though there could be an extra square plan nailed to the fl;atcar deck if needed.

So here is one car & its sides. and loose ends: one photo is with the sides in place and one is without one side; the end stakes that sit in a corner between the end beam and the subsidiary longitudinal member of the underframe are also removable if required.

The pillars or stakes, are PVC solid foam, the sides/ends 3mm plywood, using up some bits of scrap left from previous projects. Small styene card discs represent the fixing bolts (all 96 of them!). Decals are by Stan Cedarleaf
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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