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I use a Foredom Flexshaft; with a number 30 hand piece.
All the Dremel tool bits are copies of this system and will work in the Foredom, cutters, grinders, burrs and even small polishing wheels

Variable speed, foot controlled Foredom flex shaft, other than an occassional new flex shaft and motor brushes...30 years of service! Worth every penny. Excellent Jacobs chuck that can hold bits as small as # 70 (0.028"). Can also hold a pinvise with an 1/8 inch shank for even smaller bits.
Yes they are more expensive, but considering how much we pay for 'toys' it is easier to justify. Specially with better results. The foot control gives you your hands back!

Drilling tips; use beeswax as a lube, drill a block of wax before drilling your holes, the bit warms and the wax melts keeping chips out of the flutes. Back styrene with wood, will help with keeping tip clean and keeps backside of hole cleaner. Sit so you have arm rests near the workpiece, fine bits are fragile and will quickly snap with lateral forces. When drilling metal back out ofen to clear waste and use plenty of wax. Beeswax is sticky enough to stay on the bit at high speed, can also be used to hold parts in set up. At slow speed you should be able to lift a whole ine of styrene out of the hole, no more bit cleaning.

I haven't priced them lately, but I bet it will get more use than a $300 rail bender... that's one I'm having trouble justifying!

This comes from 25 years at a jeweler's bench, trust me breaking a bit in a hole was an expensive proposition to be avoided!

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