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Dr. Rivet Spring/Summer 08

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Though the calendar indicated that the dog days of summer are not upon us....95/98 degrees in the shade with the three H's making the steam up feel like inside the cab 1:1 steam engine highballing.

The day started off well and Ryan was testing one of three retrofitted engines. Here the Berkshire running successfully for Mike O after some tweaking:

Another engine out of the shops was Alan's GS4. A second upgraded GS4 was also high balling on the rails (Dr. Rivet's GS4). Here is Nevada Bill (back east bringing us the heat) running one of 5 GS4's at the meet (in fact the thread should be entitled SP steam power):

The combination of 5 GS4 and 3 cab forwards made this a SP powerhouse meet (with one exception- some outstanding Aster engines including the prototype S2). One of the three was an AC-12 of Alan's that Ryan has been improving. Paul Lator had "tuned" a CF and Dr. Rivet made a double head session also.
Alan and Jeff prepared to have a session with the Cab Forward and 40 cars:

On to the main line for the first of several successful runs:

The cabforward ran for an hour session and performed to it's max level.

An interesting session was when John brought out the Allie at the same time as the AC-12 was running.

Gentleman, place your bids....

There were several doubleheaders out on the tracks. Tom and Hans with a impressive S2 and Berk combination.

The PRR GG1 made easy the task of the J&M coaches:

The Zephyr not only flashed bye but was faster than any wind we had that day (about 175 smph).

Running in prototypical fashion as a consistent performer but sometimes not noticed:

Aristocraft Mikado.
For a change of pace there were other motive power to transport us through the history of railroading:

So the day went on as we all anticipated dinner (pit beef) and the sun getting lower allowing for some cooling.
Around 6 PM we heard "fireworks" then we saw fire works as the lighting, thunder, hail stones and copious amount of rain began to turning the meet into a "steam boat" fair with all things not tied down floating away...

Ryan getting his "steam bath:"

So, about one hour later it was time for the "BIG SHOW!"
Cab forward back on the layout with a 15 foot plume:

Worth the opportunity to see steam with a great visual affect:

The evening closed out with doubleheaded Cabforward's running at sunset with a great light show via Jeff:
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I just got back to NV./DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/laugh.gif Thank you all for a great weekend of steaming especially Jeff and Justin who provided me some toys to use. I hope to see you all again soon!
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