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Dr. Rivet Spring/Summer 08

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Though the calendar indicated that the dog days of summer are not upon us....95/98 degrees in the shade with the three H's making the steam up feel like inside the cab 1:1 steam engine highballing.

The day started off well and Ryan was testing one of three retrofitted engines. Here the Berkshire running successfully for Mike O after some tweaking:

Another engine out of the shops was Alan's GS4. A second upgraded GS4 was also high balling on the rails (Dr. Rivet's GS4). Here is Nevada Bill (back east bringing us the heat) running one of 5 GS4's at the meet (in fact the thread should be entitled SP steam power):

The combination of 5 GS4 and 3 cab forwards made this a SP powerhouse meet (with one exception- some outstanding Aster engines including the prototype S2). One of the three was an AC-12 of Alan's that Ryan has been improving. Paul Lator had "tuned" a CF and Dr. Rivet made a double head session also.
Alan and Jeff prepared to have a session with the Cab Forward and 40 cars:

On to the main line for the first of several successful runs:

The cabforward ran for an hour session and performed to it's max level.

An interesting session was when John brought out the Allie at the same time as the AC-12 was running.

Gentleman, place your bids....

There were several doubleheaders out on the tracks. Tom and Hans with a impressive S2 and Berk combination.

The PRR GG1 made easy the task of the J&M coaches:

The Zephyr not only flashed bye but was faster than any wind we had that day (about 175 smph).

Running in prototypical fashion as a consistent performer but sometimes not noticed:

Aristocraft Mikado.
For a change of pace there were other motive power to transport us through the history of railroading:

So the day went on as we all anticipated dinner (pit beef) and the sun getting lower allowing for some cooling.
Around 6 PM we heard "fireworks" then we saw fire works as the lighting, thunder, hail stones and copious amount of rain began to turning the meet into a "steam boat" fair with all things not tied down floating away...

Ryan getting his "steam bath:"

So, about one hour later it was time for the "BIG SHOW!"
Cab forward back on the layout with a 15 foot plume:

Worth the opportunity to see steam with a great visual affect:

The evening closed out with doubleheaded Cabforward's running at sunset with a great light show via Jeff:
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Speaking of GS4; we had the GS4-GW going at a "aster clip" when all the sudden a derailment on the first car. The cars did the prototypical fold pattern of the first three prior to being able to stop the engine Thankfully only snapped two Kadee's and were able to get back on track. (4 of the 5 engines had the Watson combo levers-all performed well).
Hope to post a video clip of the double headed CF with great plumes.
Weather: Tomorrow 98-100 degrees with heat index well over 110 degrees(until this past weekend the weather had been seasonal).
Glad you enjoyed the thread.
Video clip (more later):
The Berk was RC with the Spektrum system. The running time was over an hour. Maybe Mike Oates will visit this thread and give you more on this setup.
Here is a link by Robert
http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/zephyra/berkshire radio control.ppsx
The double headed Cab forward run with Jim was remarkable given that it was acutally 1.5 engines given the "blow out" of the rear engine flex tube. Scott's view of the cab forward making the grade indicates the improvement resulting from the shop work that Ryan and Jeff have been doing. I hear that they have a concept for a new mechanical connection in the works!
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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