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Does the USA GP 38's and 30's come with both hook and loop and regular couplers?

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I have only seen pics of them with just hook and loop. I was wondering it anyone knows if they come with the USA couplers as well. I assume they do, but I asked about them at a shop and they didn't know. 

Also, I was thinking about buying either of these two engines or a couple of SD-40's. I was wondering which one had better detail or was a better perfomer.
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My GP30 came with both. I had to take the H&L's off and put the knuckles on. 5 minute operation with a screwdriver and a Dremmel tool.
I have 2 older 38's and a 40....each came with both sets of couplers. I can't tell you how many of the
hook/loops I've thrown away! As far as performing....they both do fine. Just wish USA would make them
batttery ready like the newer Aristos.
All USA locos come with both, but the couplers are not the best in the world. I always use Kadee couplers.

All the above comments are correct.

However, the factory installed couplers are the  horn & loop and you must remove them to add the knuckle style coupler.  That job is a quick and easy one to do.  Also, Art is right, the Kadee is a much better coupler especially if you mix and match multiiple manufacturers' cars.  A lot of the guys will have a standard coupler they use rather than mix/match.

On a different note, unless you plan to run your trains on a large radius layout, you might be better of running the GP style locomotive rather than the SD as the tighter radius makes the overhang on the SD look somewhat less prototypical.  Shorter locomotives do not look as "bad"  on the tighter radius (my opinion).;)  Wow, what happened to that line/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/shocked.gif

Good Luck.

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Tom,  what radius track do you mean. I have Gps  and i havent bought curved track yet but was thinking 8 or 10' diameter track would be my choice for indoor use.  you think its too tight for realistic turns?
Posted By Cheapy 38-2 on 01/08/2008 7:19 PM
I . . .was thinking 8 or 10' diameter track would be my choice for indoor use.  you think its too tight for realistic turns?
(I'm not Tom but) indoors it is difficult to get much past 8 or 10 foot diameter without a great deal of space that most people simply do not have, but for outdoor use a much wider diameter is needed for realistic appearance. My curves  are approximately 12 to 14 at the wye (I never measured these exactly: they are Llagas, which readily bends into the desired curve) . This curve is still barely adequate for the equipment I use.
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