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Hi again, guys,
I've been off-line for awhile, since my wife made me take her to Florida on the Autotrain to get sun- and wind-burned on the Gulf around Naples. However, I did manage to get over to the Ridge Live Steamers meet in Dundee with my Shay to run on their G1 track.
Now, I'm back at MLS and see that Dwight has managed to stir the hornets nest again with such a volotile subject as a shirt! Way to go, Dwight! Thought things had been a bit quiet since Shad got things working again.
Anyway, I'll go to the poll and take any version you come up with, even white.

Hey Alan, what's the reference to cement dust? Are you still failing Retirement 101? If you were really retired, you would have replaced the cement dust with hot oil fumes by now, or even coal smoke.


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Okay, I have talked to an embroiderer and things are moving forward. Once we get an established price and things are nailed down a little more, I will post another update. I will probably create a web-based order form like I did for the old ISLSMR group where people can place an order, select the options they want, specify size, etc.

More to come...
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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