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Usually someone starts this thread each year, it might as well be me.
I KNOW all the reasons some of you don't join and become a "paid"member.(which means I don't want to hear them)

But many of you post and run up the threads, learn and have become friends with many folks.
I think its time to show your support by becoming a member on NEW YEARS Day.

If everyone (who can afford it) would join, I or someone else would not have to start this thread.


I'm a sick-o for this hobby, but what I have learned and been encouraged by many of these folks is PRICELESS!!!

Thank you
Make your check out to
Marty Co.......ooops
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Uhh... is life member good enough marty?

I did my part this year, purchased two additional memberships besides my life membership.

I done my part!

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Life member here too.

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woow, now I feel bad, Life members?? I missed it...?? Or did not have the $$ at the time.
"Charter" and Life member here.......
I join from year to year and will keep it up. Check in here daily and learn a LOT all the time. Was not aware of the 'life' thing.
Marty, there was a "limited time offer" a while back, before you really frequented this site, I believe. Only a couple of hundred. Helped with the new server I think.

Well worth it, new software and new software great.

Regards, Greg
Well it worked .... I was meaning to join but like many well intentioned people I kept forgetting to follow through
Your post was a not so gentle nudge in the right direction.
Probably the best investment I could make this year

Not a lifer, just a brat.

When I was jobless and first looking into large scale, there were 2 sites. One asked 20 bucks to participate. This one let me participate for free. So when I found some work and had some money, I sent some to Shad.

I spend lots more money on things I enjoy lots less.

thanks for making me feeling bad for being short on money.
Thats why I said IF you can afford it. I don't mean to make anyone feel bad unless they are just lazy on getting around to it.
Posted By kormsen on 01/01/2009 8:08 AM

thanks for making me feeling bad for being short on money.

I dont think Marty was trying to make you feel bad,just that if you can afford it it helps keep this great site going and it only cost 24.00 a year. most people drink that in coffee a day!!!!!!this is a great site where every one has a say and the truth can be told , so we support Shad and this web site as one of the best...


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If I had it, you'd have it...except if I had it the 'lectric or phone company probably has first dibs. Kimmee STILL hasn't found work. She goes for 2-3 interviews a week, and..... Some places won't hire her because she went back to school, and others take one look at her hands and make excuses.(The ADA doesn't mean didly unless you can PROVE that's why they turned you away)
Life Member here too! (I might point out that this is the only LS site that I would do this for!)
OK it worked I have been shamed into joining and got my one year membership. I was only an unpaid member for less than a year and now after reading this thread felt obligated to pay as I did get a lot out of this site over that time.
You Guys should not feel bad about being short of money. In today's economy everybody is short at one time or another. We are all Family here Do what you can when you can. If you can't contribute one way Contribute your knowledge and post ideas, and instruction. Share you knowledge here because you will help more people than any other place.
Life member here too Marty. Saw that as a deal that shouldn't be missed. I host my RR website and my company web site here....priceless :)
And I love the RR part of it too ..of course.
Darn it Marty! I'm waiting for tax return then becomming a lifetime member. You didn't have to make me feel so bad about it. I cried myself to sleep last night and woke up in a wet washrag of a bed. The very second I tried to crawl out of bed my whole bed fell into my crawl space and I nearly drowned trying to get back up into the house. I'm thinking about pressing charges!


p.s. - Happy New Year!!
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It's okay. It's the most active forum message board but has its own personality like all of them. I've been 1st class but doubt I'd do it again.

Hmmm, I've been here for how many years

Well I don't remember how long I took to become a member, not long I think.
But from that time until now, I kept up my membership AND this year, I hooked up for the lifetime hitch.
It's well worth EVERY penny of it too
More non members should check out the benifets of First Class.

Money was short here too, but I was able to sell some custom WWII models I made to fund this.
Soooo, now I am here permenetly
Startin' back into the hobby once again, but now just a small

layout due to, uh - housing arrangements. Did I say the politically correct
But we'll see, ha ha ha.

I just ordered some more track, can I see a slight expansion on the horizon
Well I'm getting off track(pun intended). But really, if your not a member, check it out.

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