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G'day All,

Been covered before, I know, but a week of searching the forum has not brought up the information that I need.

I am converting a Bachmann Anniversary to battery power and using Peter Thornton's excellent article @ ovgrs as a guide.

I have completed the conversion in the tender using Tony Walsham's rcs EVOlution and so far that all works with radio controlled power to the Loco connection.

HOWEVER! I began isolating the track power collection system today.

I have tried to take the bottom plate off the loco. It's not so easy!

Please, is there a step by step guide to the process? Remember, I am a bit fuzzy brained from my pain drugs.

Thanks in anticipation,

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Hey Tim

I don't know if it will fill your needs but in Paul Norton's article on the 'Annie' he isolates the track pick up at the switch in the smoke box. Here's the link to the topic, scroll down a bit to the 'Isolating The Track Power Wiring' section. I believe this is the same article you mentioned above, maybe you just missed that part. Hope I've been of some help.


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Please, is there a step by step guide to the process

Indeed there is - George Schreyer's excellent 'Tech Tips':
which says:
"The bottom cover comes off with four screws down the center line of the bottom cover. Remove all four screws."

The front screw is between the cylinders and goes all the way up into the smokebox.

Alternatively, just unsolder the wires at the motor.

Incidentally, I used Tony's suggestion of connecting the antenna to the track pickup on one side, and I can hold my transmitter close to the rails and it responds 50-100' feet away.

And thanks for the compliment!

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I originally wired it to the switch in the smoke box, but later took out the pickups underneath.

Turn the loco over. Let's see...

There's a shiny screw all the way in the back. One right behind the rubber plug, one between the middle drivers, one under the pilot truck and two right behind the pilot. Then the bottom comes off with just a little fiddeling.


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There is no need to open the locomotive to isolate the track power wiring. Open the circular cover on the front of the smoke box hiding the Large Scale/NMRA switch. All the track power wiring is routed through this switch.

The smoke box cover is held on with tabs on the top and bottom. Carefully pry it off to expose the switch wiring.

The track power wiring is attached to both ends of the Large Scale/NMRA switch.

Unsolder these wires from each end of the switch and cover each of them with shrink wrap.

Push the smoke box cover back on and close the circular switch cover.
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