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Diffence between a Railway and Rail Road?

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I'm trying to name my garden railway/rail road, and trying find out if there is a subtle difference (or not so subtle) between "railway" and "rail road"?  Are they equally interchangeable or is there a difference?
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Er Steve C....

No you don't.

Here in the UK and Commonwealth if I say "Railway" it means somewhere that is NOT in the US. if I say "Railroad" I mean somewhere that IS in the US and nowhere else.

Only is the US are the two words used interchangeably.



The word 'rail' was already in use for things made from lengths of wood and this is probably the origin of the term railway (first recorded use 1681) or rail-road (first used as a description in 1702).


Is this what you mean? I spend quite a lot of my time at Butterley....


1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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