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die cast cars

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Ok here is my question we have lgb engines that are 1/29 and we want to buy a few die cast cars for our layout but not sure what scale would look best 1/25,1/32. We are just looking for something that will look ok with the engines and rolling stock that we run. The rolling stock is lgb, usa,aristo. Any suggestions will be appreciated/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif
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Posted By lathroum on 03/17/2008 6:36 AM
I'm opposite most of you guys... I run 1/29th trains... but...

I buy 1/24th and 1/25th automobiles, because most if not all of my buildings are 1/24th and I think they look better with the buildings... no one has noticed yet... Most of my LARGE equipment semi trucks and construction equipment is 1/32... they still look large next t a 1/24th car...

I use varying sizes of people as most of mine are from the LEEMAX christmas villages you see around... I use and Xacto micro saw to saw them off their bases... they have no scale listed on them though I generally eyeball them to make sue they are about the correct height... good thing is real people come in different sizes...



We use over 3 dozen die-cast cars and trucks all 1:24-1:25.  We run all scale of trains between 1:20.3 and 1:29.  But most structures and figures are closer to 1:24 and to us it is more important that the cars look "right" next to the structures and figures that they are parked next to rather than the trains that quickly pass by.  Also, we cut off our vehicles to no later than 1957 so we get a good selection in this scale.

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