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Did You Know: Images in Replies

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You can include pictures with your replies posted to the MyLargeScale (MLS) forums in a variety of ways.
[*]Using the Quick Reply Editor
This editor is located at the bottom of each Topic Page. [/list]

[*]While mainly intended for posting short textual replies, as indicated by the minimum of controls made available on the tool bar (i.e. Bold, Italic, Underlined, & Quote).

None the less, you can include references to image files within your reply providing the following. [*] The image files that you reference are available on the Internet already (e.g. Stored in your 1st Class web space on the MLS server, or some other Internet server).
[*]You are willing and able to manually enter the required coding using either UBB/BBC/Forum Code (i.e. Universal Bulletin Board, Bulletin Board Code respectively), or the HTML equivalent, as in the following examples. [/list] [/list] UBB/BBC/Forum Code Example:
[ img] http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/stevec/Misc-Files/IconImages/QuickReplyEditor-01.jpg [/img ]

HTML Example:
< img alt="" src="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/stevec/Misc-Files/IconImages/folder-01.gif" />
[*]Using the Full-text Editor.
This is the editor accessed when using any of the following, Add Topic Button, Add Reply Button, Quote Link, Reply Link, & Edit Link (Note, all of the previously mentioned links are located on the right side of the reply header). [*]Using the Message Attachments [/list] [/list]

[*]As can be seen by the above image of the Message Attachments: area, up to three image files from your local computer may be up loaded as attachments to your reply. [*]There are restrictions as to the dimensions of the images (i.e. 640 pixels in width & 480 pixels in height), and image file size in bytes (i.e. 60KB or less) that may be uploaded. [*]Note, image files being attached to the reply can not be viewed in the Preview screens. This is because the image files are not uploaded to the MLS server until you click the Submit Button. [*]The images uploaded as attachments are always displayed following the textual portion of your reply, in the same sequence in which they were listed in the attachments fields. [*]These image files are not uploaded to your MLS 1st Class web space, they are uploaded and stored in a totally separate area not accessible to the user. Additionally, the file name is automatically changed and given a new numerical name. [*]Using the Insert/Edit Image tool bar button
[*]Clicking this button will cause the Image Properties - Web Page Dialog to display.

[*]The first step is point to the URL field with your mouse and click it to bring the focus to the field. [*]Next, if you're using the copy/paste method to capture the image file's URL, then simply use {CTRL+V} to paste the value in the field. Or you may manually type the value in if you so desire. [*]With your mouse click the Border field and notice that all or part of your image is displayed in the Preview area. [/list] [/list]

(For those that have noted the seemingly meaningless text displayed in the Preview window of the dialog, it's called "lorem ipsum" and if you'd like to find out more about where it came from and why it's used the following link should explain all Lorem ipsum)
[*]Type the numeric value 2 in the Border, and notice a 2 pixel wide border has been applied to the image. [*]All that remains is clicking the OK button at the bottom of the dialog. [*]When the dialog clears and you're returned to the editor text entry area, you'll find the image displayed where you last had the cursor located prior to clicking the Insert/Edit Image button. [*]If inserted on a blank line, then most likely the image will be aligned to the left side. If you wish to center the image simply point to it and click it with the mouse. Notice that when your mouse pointer is over the image it is a 4-way arrow, also when you click the image it displays resizing handles. To center it left-to-right click the Center Justify button 
 . [*]Making an Image a Link [*]This is one way to display a small image in your reply and link it to a larger image so the user can click the small image and have the large display on demand. [*]Create the image link as described above, but before clicking the OK button. [*]Click the Link tab instead. [/list] [/list]

[*]On the Link tab click the URL field and enter the URL of the large image file (i.e. copy/paste or manual entry). [*]Click the drop down button on the Target field, select and click the New Window [_blank] item. [*]Now as before click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog. [*]After the dialog clears and you're returned to the editor text entry area you'll see the small image displayed. [*]Use one of the Preview options and after the preview window displays click the small image and the larger image should be opened in a new browser window. [*]The following is an example of how it is supposed to work. [/list] [/list]
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Someone PLEASE put this last post INTO the FAQ section
Wow, that's terrfic.

Now, where's my printer friendly button when I NEED one.
Guess I'll have to copy and paste, but I need to start Firefox, as my usual browesr, Opera, does not copy the links, etc-just the text.
I might even print this one in color, as it is so important.

Thanks Steve.
Thanks very much for the excellent post. It was very clear and helpful even to a computer "Klutz" like me.
Hope they make it a "sticky" or something. I just printed it out for reference.

Thanks again Steve
Thanks Steve !!!

How did you copy and display all those wonderful images you used in this post and many others when showing us what to do?

I have tried to do the same and it does not let me copy.

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Hey Becky

Hey, hold-on! Before you go reading through the following. You use FireFox as your browser don't you, I haven't tried any of this with FireFox. Let me go try it and see what I get.

OK, yes I just checked and the two screen capture modes {PrintScrn} & {Alt+PrintScrn} work, leastwise with MS/Win2K v5.00.2195 SP4 and FireFox v2.0.011 it does.

The programs that I used to create the images are PrintKey Pro a screen capture program, and IrfanView a graphics editing program. Saved the image in the JPEG (i.e. jpg) format, using max compression, then uploaded the image files to my MLS web space via FTP using MS/Internet Explorer FTP client, and included the image files in my replies using the Insert/Edit Image feature of the MLS Rich-text Editor.

However, you can accomplish the same thing, although not as easily, using the native features included in the MS/Windows operating system.

You can use the {PrintScrn} key on the keyboard to copy a full screen, screen capture to the clipboard area.

Or if you've got multiple windows open and you only want to capture what is displayed in one of them. Then make the one you want to capture the active window and use the {Alt+PrintScrn} keyboard key sequence to capture just the active window.

Then open the MS/Paint program and use the paste feature {Ctrl+V} to paste the clipboard contents into the program. Do whatever editing is required, and then save the file as a JPEG format.

One of the drawbacks to using MS/Paint is that it provides no option to control the amount of compression used when saving the JPEG file. Another drawback is editing the image is laborious.

If you have MS/Word installed you can use that to do the rough editing (make sure you have the Picture toolbar enabled), then copy and paste the refined image into MS/Paint for final touch-up.

Just a couple of afterthoughts, plan an organized storage structure for storing the files on your MLS web space and when naming the files make sure the file names make it plain just what each is, it will save you untold mistakes and unneeded reworking things.

If per chance you're referring to the two images you attempted to include in your above reply as an example. The problem there is they are both referenced as being on your local hard drive and not on a server.


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So what do I do when I've followed the "rules" and still my images do not come up? What the heck am I doing wrong?

Here Live Steam Forum/Topic: 2008 Out your back door...

Was as here it sort of worked?

Public Forum/Topic: OK so how do we post photos now?



(Note: Edited links, to alternate name so display won't be so wide, SteveC mod.)
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Not real sure about this, however, what it looks like to me after checking the resulting HTML on the first example. It looks like you are using the Link tab on the Insert/Edit Image dialog when you shouldn't. What leads me to believe this is the exact same image file name is listed twice in the resulting HTML that was created when you inserted the image file.

The only time you would use the Link tab is if you want to link a small image that you set up on the Image Info tab, so that when you click the displayed image it will open another image file which contains a larger sized image. You also need to make sure that each of the two image file names are unique (i.e. not the same).

If you are only trying to include an image in your reply, then you only use the Image Info tab. And then you only really have to use the URL field.

The only other thing that I can think of is the manner in which you are using to copy the URL address of the image you're going to paste into the URL field on the Image Info tab, is somehow grabbing the HTML code along with the address.

If you go back to the first topic that you linked to. Open the reply in the Edit mode, then point to the first red x and right-click it, then select the menu item Image Properties on the context menu that displays. When the dialog displays, the following is what you'll find listed in the URL field and it's wrong. (Note: I put spaces in the first line of HTML code so it doesn't force such such a wide display or get executed.)

< a target="_blank" href="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG" _fcksavedurl="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG"> http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG< /a>

What it should look like is the following...


If you use the right-click, Image Properties menu item on the image that I just inserted in your reply. Take a look at what is in the URL field.

If you want to go to the bother of looking at the HTML. Then click the Source button and what you should see is the following for an inserted image. (Note once again I've inserted spaces to keep code from executing)

< img alt="" src="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG" / >
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Thanks, Steve

I'll give it a try.  I do see a key on the keyboard that says "Prt Sc Sys Rq".  Would that be the key?   Never done this before so I'll let you know what happens.

  Thanks! But I follwoed the direction posted and what you psoted here was no different. You are seeing something different than what I see though when I click on it. I don't get that doubled HTML image thing going on.  So when i rpeview it is fine but then it somehow doubles when I post?

LET me try again.

Ok Steve I WAS able to succesfully fix those although I did nothing different than I did before? I cut the address the same way and pasted into into the box on the image properties menu as instructed and this time it worked.

Go figure?


Question, what browser & version are you using? I've use MS/IE v6 SP1 on MS/Win2K as my browser and O/S and have never encountered any problem such as you are having.
Posted By Becky Francis on 03/05/2008 10:44 AM
Thanks, Steve

I'll give it a try.  I do see a key on the keyboard that says "Prt Sc Sys Rq".  Would that be the key?   Never done this before so I'll let you know what happens.



Yep, that's the key that I'm referring to.
  Running IE on Win XP mostly access from work, but from home it's basically the same, IE on WIn 98 I think?

Not sure which version(s) though? I'm not sure even how to check that?


To check the version of the O/S, if you've got a My Computer icon on your desktop, just Right-click the icon then select and click the Properties menu item, when the Properties page displays you'll find the O/S info on the General tab. If no icon on the desktop then open the Control Panel and click the System icon.

For the Internet Explorer, use the Help menu and click the About Internet Explorer menu item, when the About Internet Explorer page displays you'll find the version info on it.

Glad you got things straightened around with the other images in your reply. I wasn't trying to say that that was what you were doing only that from what I could see at this end that is what it looked like.

When you use the Insert/Edit Image to include an image in a reply, the resulting HTML created uses only the image tag as in the following example.

< img alt="" src="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG" / >

When you link one image to another (i.e. small image to a larger image) then the resulting HTML uses the format of enclosing the image tag within an anchor tag, as in the following example.

< a target="_blank" href="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/stevec/Misc-Files/IconImages/Oregon-Pony-02.gif">< img alt="" border="2" src="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/stevec/Misc-Files/IconImages/Oregon-Pony-01.gif" />< /a>

What I made a copy of on the original problem had the same basic format of the image tag within the anchor tag, but also had some other stuff that shouldn't have been there. And the image tag was missing.

< a target="_blank" href="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG" _fcksavedurl="http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG"> http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/wchasr/Family/DSC00088.JPG< /a>
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