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Here's another update from a PLS member:

"Pennsylvania Live Steamers has been clobbered. The Perkiomen Creek,
upon whose floodplain the PLS campus is constructed, is a particularly
flashy stream. The runoff from Hurricane Ida's rainfall caused its
level to rise to its highest level on record; it exceeded the recording
capability of the USGS gaging station 1/2 mile upstream, so there is no
instrumental record of the flood height -- just strand lines on
buildings on the property. All buildings were flooded including the
clubhouse with the metal shop, kitchen, and meeting room which is the
highest building on the property. At the moment there's a huge pile of
print material waiting for a dumpster -- the library, club records, and
photo archives. The building will need to be gutted and reconstructed
internally. The wood shop, one of the lowest buildings, was totally
inundated, as was the equipment shed where all mowers, etc., were
stored. The 7-1/4" gauge loco storage building was flooded, and those
locos on the lower storage tiers were under water. There are a lot
of saddened and busy ride-on folks in the club at the moment.

"The Gauge One permanent railway didn't suffer all that much. Pressure
washing has removed the nearly 1/4" of mud deposited all over the track
and roadbed. The G1 storage shed was totally under water (vs. the
half-immersion in summer 2020 from Hurricane Isaias -- the prior record
of flooding) but that has given us a chance to clear out the unnecessary
gritch and clean up and organize our tools and supplies. The G1's mower
has been rehabbed; I just cut the mud-covered grass this morning, and
the G1 railway is starting to look good once again. On the other hand,
the ride-on facilities, plus the permanent club infrastructure, still
have a lot of work to be done in the days ahead. In the end we'll all
come through this 'leaner and meaner'. "
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