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FOUR YEARS and counting for what has become a fun event during the annual Diamondhead International Steam-up.

Please let me know if you plan to participate in our annual Scotch Tasting.

Rules are simple:
Bring a single malt to share - You must bring one to participate.
Bring your own tasting glass (local plastic just doesn't seem to fit the occasion) and I don't have extra glasses.
Be prepared to explain why your whiskey tastes the way it does
Be prepared to taste more than once. We seem to have enough to last several days.

If you plan to participate, send a PM to [email protected] with a short description of the Scotch you plan to bring (see below). I'll assemble descriptions into a handout.

1 - Name the Scotch
2 - State the location of the distillery
3 - Describe the mash, distilling and aging process used.
4 - Describe the result

NOTE: For Scotch tasting participants who are interested, there may be a small taste of a "Pappy Van Winkle" available. This is the truly hard to find and very expensive Kentucky bourbon that has been written about in the press recently. Empty bottles are valuable (see Ebay) and full bottles are often priced into the thousands for only a fifth. The key words here are "participants" and "may".
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