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Diamondhead Mikado Fire Update

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For those who saw or heard of my Aristo-Craft Mikado turning into a flaming torch at Diamondhead I can finally give you an update.

After butane overflow from refilling my Mike was ignited by a passing loco and the fire was put out I simply put the Mikado back into its case and left it there until this Tuesday. I never did bother to look at it after the fire because I was not sure that I wanted to see what it looked like or to find out if it still ran.

This was not a minor flare up. The flames encompassed both the loco and the tender and it  took a LONG time for  them to go out. My eyebrows and hair were singed.

OK so it's been over 3 months but by comparison last year I did not run the Mike for almost a year after Diamondhead. Live steam is still just an occasional itch for me to scratch once or twice a year.

A friend has been wanting to see the Mike run so Tuesday I took it out of the box, looked it over (no visible damage at all), put it on the track and fired it up.

It ran every bit as well as ever.

Lewis - you gave us a pretty darn good locomotive for a great price.

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Things like that have happened to all of us.  Like the time at a train show in Greenfield Village, just outside Detroit.  I was filling my Frank-S with butane, and I forgot that I had left the gas valve open.  I wondered why it was taking so long to fill, that is until Tom Toth drove by with an alcohol fired locomotive.  Not only did we have a gigantic flash, but I still didn't realize the gas valve was open, and couldn't understand why the fire wouldn't go out.

The kids all thought it was part of the show.  All they could say was, "Do it again!" 

See you next year at DH.
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