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I want to know what was the radius for the large track at diamondhead?

I am currently designing a club track and I thought it would be a great starter oval, then add a steamup bay area.
Also, what is the most inexpensive track and how does it conduct, My idea is, there will be 2 lines, 1 made out of conductive track and the other with a inexpensive method (going to put the options in the proposal)

I want to keep it inexpensive so the club will vote yes for it.


P.S. Yes im on a posting spree ( a bit excited about the whole deal) :D

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Im pricing around (starter area is wholesaletrains.com, mainly the aristocraft brass stuff. stainless steel is expensive and I think aluminum doesnt carry a current well),

So the electrics can run since I dont know how many live steamers live in South Florida. Let the electric guys run, until they get some live steam(and keep the tracks in use!!) :p
Block off the track power in sections, here is the mockup of what I am talking about.

Built like this

The plan (which I will putup) , is 2 loops 30' X 20' with 20' curves and 2  steamup tracks, setup like the diamondhead tracks. The switches im thinking about using are #6 Aristocraft switchs
So far the track, switches is gonna cost around $1500 (aristocraft code 332 brass/ LGB 18150 switches) and the wood im guessing,, $700. I will have to lookup AMS, I know there making code 332 soon. I think code 250 might be too short for a club track. (make it more forgiving :p)

Thinking about the area near the picnik tables (near the steel raised live steam work area) or on the last curve before the station in the grass area.
The grass area would have to have a fence to keep little fingers away, but the gen public will see it up front and center.
The steamup side will be 4' off the ground, and the other side will be whatever keeps the track level.

John hollahan said he wanted to have G-Scale guys around  which will strengthen the club quite a bit.
Ya im joining the club, wont mind running there 7.5's too.

I am hoping this will be in there budget cause it sure would be fun!!

Any suggestions on my plan are greatly appreciated

- Andrew
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