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Diamondhead 2010 news

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The Indications that the crazy economy will have a serious effect on next year's Diamondhead gathering are less than one would expect. THUS , here are some issues that you should consider :

A : Since the general consensus at the wrap up meeting was to have the event last a bit longer , I went back and looked at the 2009 arrival dates and found that 80 steamers were here by Tuesday. The dates for 2010 will therefore be extended to cover Sunday to Sunday ( that the 11th to the 16th ) with fuel , water , and good weather available. My plan is to have the track up by noonish on the 11th . , with take down on Sunday morning , the 16th.

B : The Saturday Country Club brunch will instead be held on Friday , with the band concert preceding on the Country Club stage

C: 'Saturday Night at the Movies' will be enhanced with a good set of speakers that Vance Bass steered me to . No need to have everyone seat themselves right in front next time.

D: Steam Seminars will be held through the week and the schedule will be in the program.

If you plan on getting to Diamondhead , please register as soon as you've made up your mind . The staff at Diamondhead Towers really is busy.
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Sorry - correction

Thats the 10th through the 17th

Sounds great. As always, I registered before I left the 2009 steamup. And --- I have been looking forward to 2010 since leaving the 2009 event. Diamondhead just keeps getting better and better. That is why we keep comming maybe someday you will understand why Diamondhead draws such and international crowd.
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I'm sure it is in here someplace but could you post the registration information please?
Posted By placitassteam on 03/04/2009 4:42 PM
I'm sure it is in here someplace but could you post the registration information please?

The form in Diamondhead.org will do if you ignore the dates on it.

The real question is what day David Hamilton and the rest of the Canadians will now arrive?

I didn't see anything on the registration for the Country Club Brunch.
Dan and others

The Country Club brunch is included in your registration fee

What about brunch for spouse?
Brunch for non - registrants is $12
I must be missing something. I don't see anywhere on the registration where I can sign up a spouse for brunch. Or, do you just need to know when we go through registration next January?
Just tell the ladies at the desk and you will be all set .

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