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This from Jerry Reshew:



It is finally over ! The tracks are all put away waiting for next year , the bills are mostly paid, and the planning for number 17 is under way. From what I heard from many of you this was a successful gathering of the initiated and we all should be thankful that there is still a feeling of wanting more - Sooo , here’s where we are for the next running of the trains. Our tracks will be taken from storage and assembled on the 10th of January , ready for running on that Sunday. We’ll have our takedown on Saturday night and put it all away on Sunday , the 17th. This change is what you guys asked for at the closing meeting and it looks like it will work out to give everyone a full week of activity. Our band concert and movie may shift , but you’ll be notified as we firm this all up.

The Carol Homuth flea market was a great adjunct and those of you who picked up a treasure will look back fondly at this effort. Carol and the other Canadians certainly have created a winner.

The unfortunate screw up on the shirts will not be repeated and I’ll be waiting for a refund for the items that never arrived . Terry Smelser tells me that there is a local source here in Mississippi that might be a place to do business with and I’ll look into it.

The Heritage Locomotive display was interesting and I heard from many of you that we should do it again . Your wishes are listened to and we will !

I want to thank all of the volunteers who gave their time to make this all happen. The track engineers from Michigan and Canada , and the guys from the Bayou Live Steamers made it all look simple , but it is a real challenge to get everything up and running in a few hours , and to take it all down again and get ito the storage unit. This ready bunch was augmented by some of the Florida gang , and I most appreciate them all elevating me to emeritus status because of my age - I didn’t have to lift much of anything.

Again, the ladies at the front desk are the key to our event ! While some of the front desk staff were unable to attend, Myrna Peacock,Lisa Holtorf , Carol Jobusch,Emily Kaldestad , and Fran Reinhardt pitched in and all went as if nothing was unusual . GREAT JOB!


We had 170 steamers at the event , from 30 states and 5 other countries.
For those of you with an actuarial bent , here’;s how it all shakes out :

Florida 22
Texas 15
Louisiana 11
Georgia and California 9 each
Virginia 8
Colorado and South Carolina 7 each
Mississippi and Michigan each had 6
Illinois and Washington 4 each
Kansas,Alabama,Maryland,Ohio,Missouri, Arkansas 3 each
Utah,North Carolina , and Wisconsin each had 2
And 1 Attendee came from Indiana, Pennsylvania,New Jersey,Arizona,Oklahoma,Kentucky,Iowa, and New York

Our International Visitors came from:

Canada 10
UK 4
Australia . Mexico, and Trinidad enriched us with i each

We had some walk - ins but I haven’t sorted out their forms.

We have 38 registrants for 2010 , and some of them are paid up so we are committed to doing it gain.


There were fourteen entries in the annual “Drawbar Pull” competition at the 2009 International Small Scale Steamup. There was a significant increase in the weight pulled by some locomotives this year. As a result of this increase there will be a new rule next year. There will be no depleted uranium or other exotic metals allowed as adhesion enhancers.

The results in each category are as follows:

One Axle
Larry Newman* Pirate Truck #T-1 1lb 14.5oz

Two Axle
Bill Boyle* “der über” Willi 6lb 7.7oz
Mark Tilden “Unmolested” Willi 2lb 7.5oz
Wil Davis Cricket 15.9oz

Three Axle
Mitch Mitchell* Accucraft Mogul 5lb 5.6oz
Bill Boyle Accucraft 1:29 0-6-0 3lb 16.0oz
Kent Killiam Accucraft S-12 2lb 13.8oz

Four Axle
Dave Orwig* Accucraft C-21 4lb 3.0oz
Daniel Tilden Aristocraft Mikado 3lb 10.0oz

Eight Axle
Dave Hottmann* Accucraft Cab Forward 10lb 3.2oz
Paul Lator Accucraft Cab Forward 4lb 2.0oz

Bob Pope* P-2 Diesel 10lb 9.8oz

Demo Run (Past Winner)
John Garrett Accucraft 4T Shay 10lb 4.9oz

Honorable Mention
Pat Darby Three Fingers 13lb 6.0oz

* Class trophy winners.

Bruce Gathman presided and the three fingers class still mysifies me .
If you want one of the trophies next year , just PRACTICE

It was all fun and I urge you to get your email forms in once we have the web site updated.



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In case you didn't pick up on it, Diamondhead 2010 is now officially a week long affair:

"Our tracks will be taken from storage and assembled on the 10th of January , ready for running on that Sunday. We’ll have our takedown on Saturday night and put it all away on Sunday , the 17th. "

This may not be a change for a lot of you, but it is now OFFICIAL.

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I had a lot of fun this year and hope there will be many more. Thanks for all the event organizers for making this a fun and cherished event. I am glad to put more faces with the forum names!

On to my third year at diamondhead, got to get that week off from work so I can fully participate! (instead of my usual 3 day-ers)
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