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I've had this problem for quite awhile. I've not read anything about this problem.

Here is some info

NCE power house pro radio setup. with 10amp boosters.

Stationary decoders from 2 different manufactures. NCE and DCC Specialties.

QSI decoders work great no problems.

DG583AR Decoders cause the problem.. When the Train is moving the stationary
decoders will not respond to any commands. If I stop the DG583AR Train I can
then operate the Stationary decoders with no problem. It works fine with
QSI decoders, only the DG583AR decoders bother.

If the DG583AR is on a differnt block from the stationary decoder then those stationary
decoders will work fine. But if on the same block and the Train is moving the
stationary decoders will not work until you stop the Train.

Anyone else have this problem? The DG583AR seems to be the problem. Interference maybe?
Motor noise?

I'm slowly changing over to all QSI deocoders but would love to find a fix to this is possible


Jeff T.
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