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I had a old Delton Doozie railcar cadaver, no wheels, motor, interior, just the the body shell, that has been laying around for over a year now, I also picked up a copy of HArry Brunk's great book "Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge" which included an article on the Colorado % Southern combine #20, which had one end of it rebuilt into a closed vestibule on the baggage end, I thought that would be a neat project and as I'm trying to finish off alot of old unfinished business I figured I could take the Doozie cadaver and bash it into a reasonable model based on #20.

The Doozie hood and frame removed, cab peice glued back into place, visor removed with scribed sheet styrene infilling door windows and covering window location. End details added, Ozark brakewheels and handrails.

LGB trucks added.

Painted, still needs a little trim paint and decals.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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