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Degrees of Curvature

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Some of the information on a locomotive that i am modeling includes the minimum track radius that it can negotiate (200 foot). It states that this is equivalent to a 28.5 degree curve.

I would think that the degree curvature would constantly change based on the amount of track you have. If you keep adding more curved sections the number of degrees continues to rise until you reach 360.

How does the whole degree thing work? Does it mean that the track will curve 28.5 degrees in a certain number of feet?


Just curious

thanks, Scott
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For example if you look ar the Aristo-Craft site the Pacific 4-6-2 www.glacierwa.com/trains/pacifics.jpg requires a 6.5' diameter curve, this is the diameter of the track, the degree of the track is the degree that each section covers out of 360 degrees. The Aristro 4' diameter curve www.glacierwa.com/trains/track.jpg consist of 12 30 degree sections and thus the Pacific would not run on it.


I hope that helps.


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"Degrees of Curvature" is *NOT* how many pieces of track are required to make a circle. In real world parlance it is the number of degrees a track deflects in 100 feet (or some other distance, depending on which railroad is being discussed).

Here's a screen from my Handy Converter program that gives some more information on the subject.

As you see, a prototype curve of 28.5 degrees is equivalent to a prototype radius of 203 feet. Also note that for a scale of 20.3 this is equivalent ot a radius of 10 feet.

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Thanks guys. I've always liked the speed of the responses here. :).

Where did that handy converter come from. It looks very useful.

Scott, he said "my Handy Converter", implying that he owns it. Try clicking Stans web link in his signature block, and then notice the menu item SOFTWARE...

BTW, nice proggie Stan!

Regards, Greg
Posted By Greg Elmassian on 01/06/2008 10:54 PM

BTW, nice proggie Stan!

Regards, Greg

Thanks, Greg. Your commission check is in the mail.
Ah yes i see that now. I had read it as "my copy of".

Definately looks like a nice program. :)
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