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Deep in the business end of things question...

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Does anyone know the name of the Taiwanese/Chinese factory/manufacturing facility that produces track for Aristo or USA????
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Sanda Kan is owned by an investment group originally created by J.P. Morgan.

Whatever you do stay away from Korea Brass aka/MKT!

Here's why..

MTH’s motion to extend the temporary restraining order to cover payments made to Korea Brass (aka MKT) from other model trains company’s doing business within the United States be placed into escrow was granted by the court. Previously, the court’s temporary restraining order (TRO) only applied to payments made by Lionel to KB be put into a court approved escrow account. In an email to me dated January 3, 2008, MTH’s Mike Wolf stated “[If] we win, then we will get an injunction against all of MKT’s accounts receivables from all their US customers including but not limited to Lionel, Weaver, USA Trains, Broadway Limited, and Precision Craft Models.” The practical effect of today’s court order is that Korea Brass customers Like Lionel Weaver and others who paid/pay for product produced by KB will not receive it since their payments are going directly to the escrow account rather than the manufacturer. This will of course ultimately affect us hobbyists. 

Since Broadway Limited is listed I highly doubt that the 1/29 brass cab forward will be produced and no more high end die-cast USA loco's will be produced until MTH collects the full $38.6 million from Korea Brass/MKT.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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