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My turn to be helpful to you. You have, it appears, two options. Option 1 is to give the dead mogul a proper burial (add endless smilies here) or, Option 2, which is to get in contact with a Mr. Klaus Stork at Massoth Electronics USA.

I have a very poorly performing Uintah mallet and I was looking, like you, for some help. I was intriqued by the last GR magazine advertisement regarding what services are available from Massoth and sent an email setting forth my problems together with a plea for help.

As a result of that email Klaus and I were able to discuss the problem over the telephone and I found him to be a most agreeable and pleasant person. Coincidentially, he and I are going to get together after the holidays in Destin, FL to discover why my locomotive is not running well. He claims he will have the knowledge and/or parts to fix whatever we discover is not right.

I get the impression Klaus prefers telephone calls over emails. You can reach him at (770) 886-6670. In case you want it, Klaus' email address is [email protected]. Klaus is probably your best hope in this declining inventory of LGB repair stations and parts.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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