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Yes, the Ultima 10 amp should work, that is what I have and works good for providing power to my NCE DCC system.

Any DCC motor decoder should work in the Bachmann; Digitrax, NCE, Lenz, Massoth, Zimo, QSI ...
The only Bachmann I've set up with DCC is the K-27, which is newer, however, I've installed them in locos that had no pre-wiring and I found it fairly easy. The motor decoders are pretty small so they fit in any loco.

Are you planning on using the Aristo TE for control? Or are you looking at other DCC systems? Are you looking at sound systems -- if so you might look at combination decoders that control both motor and sound. Do you want to control lights and smoke units with DCC? Do you want to control turnouts with DCC?
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