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Official celebration of DC's Union Station this weekend of the 4th and 5th. The club will have a display there and lots of the real trains will be there including -
C&O F3 8016
B&O GP9 6604
C&O Gadsby Tavern
C&O Chessie Club
Southern RPO 36
Southern E8 6900
ACL E3 501
PRR GG1 4935
PRR E8 5711
PRR E8 5809
PRR 120
Little Juniata Rapids
Warrior Ridge
Greenwich Harbor
Cannon Ball
MARC bi-level
Amfleet Cafe Viewliner Sleeper
Superliner Transition Sleeper
Superliner Diner-Lounge
Superliner Sleeper



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30 minutes up 95 from DC in Baltimore this weekend is Steam Days. the Wm Mason will be run by MLS's own Chris France. Also in steam is the St. Elizabeth Hospital Switcher (an 0-4-0T). So, there is a lot of railroad history to see in and around the Baltimore / DC area!

(PS, I had to post the above because I posted the info about Union Station on Chris France's thread about Steam Days! Too bad the B&O museum and the Union Station people coordinate their efforts a little better. Would have been neat to see some of the BORM stuff at that event as well. Chris was telling me that the Wm Mason was originally assigned to Washington DC!)
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