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David Fletchers help needed with M&SV full baggage

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Hi David,

While I wait for the weather and temperature to improve so that I can complete the combine, I have begun work on building a first class coach, second and third class coach and a full baggage coach.

First sheet of patterns ready for cutting.

Only 2 more sheets like that plus one with three centre sections on it.

My cry for help concerns the full baggage. Would you happen to have a set of PDF files of the inner and outer layers that you could make available. All the other sheets are fine.

I shall post a buiders log as I go this time (health willing) and have begun creating a PDF file for publishing in the future.

Thanks in anticipation,

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RE: David Fletchers help needed with M&SV full baggage

Hi Tim,

David is asleep I think at the time of this message , but which baggage car do you mean? There is the SPC double doors per side, or the CCRR one with a single door per side?
Thanks Peter,

I had the image so firmly in mind that I was sure you all knew what I meant!

I mean of course the double doors both sides. I could, and have drawn a version but my draughting skills being what they are it becomes a matter of measure 3 times and cut and patch until it fits. There is no guarantee that the inside and outside layers will even coincide.

RE: David Fletchers help needed with M&SV full baggage

Hey Tim,
I've not set up PDFs for the full baggage, as it was set up for laser cutting only. Its not actually exactly the same as the other cars, as the full baggage is only 35' to the end sills, not the 36' of the other coaches, has different clearstory layout and the roof framing is different to allow for the sliding doors.

Not really sure what you need to do, whether you just want to fudge a 2 door baggage version to the same length of car, or go the whole hog to the correct length. I've just not had the need to set it up in small PDFs. if you can open dxf files, I can just mail you the body templates at 1:1, and you can print off what you need.

Thanks Tim, the rest of our fleet is looking great.

RE: David Fletchers help needed with M&SV full baggage

Thanks for the quick reply David,

My understanding was amiss! I had thought that the full baggage was just a coach with no windows and with the doors moved toward the centre. Oh well! Here we go with the cut and paste and I will build a 40 foot baggage for simplicity. Should look good with other two, perhaps behind a resurrected Mason?

Again, thanks.
RE: David Fletchers help needed with M&SV full baggage

David, I would really appreciate the dxf files, if you wouldn't mind.

I can't start on these right away, but I hopefully will soon.

Thank you,
Ditto on what Matt said. Can I get a copy of the dxf files too?
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