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Yesterday i want to the train meeting at bob jensen in midvile, utah i bring my UP turbine at his layout .

Dash-9 visit GTEL4500 turbine for first time both made by GE. UP is resting hauling coal train. BNSF also resting waiting for pick-up freight train.

Prototype the UP GTEL4500 weight 250 ton 4500 horsepower turbine jet engine.

BNSF dash-9 weight 205 tons with 7FDL™, a 16-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine 4400 horsepower.

the 1:29 scale weight: UP GTEL4500 weight 20lbs.
BNSF dash-9 weight 15 lbs.

The 1:29 scale Turbine never retired; it is over 50 years old and UP still uses some of them for special excursions.

I give you a photos anyone love your Dash-9 to see how big my UP turbine.


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Hi Bryan,

I saw your pics on another Forum just now, but you have posted a few extra here I see.
It is a very sharp looking loco and must look magnificent when hauling stock. A great achievement.
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