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Okay this is my problem; The trucks on my Dash 9's seem to be very loose. This causes the front of each truck to come up off the rail at various places, I removed the motor blocks on one, but it appears that I will need to go inside the unit to tighten them....if that is possible. When i turn the unit upside down the trucks flop back and forth but lands toward the middle (fuel tank) of the loco. Does anyone have any experience in a similar problem? I think I will try and get inside the body tomorrow and see if there is any way to tighten them. Could additional weights help?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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The trucks are supposed to be floppy, to allow the individual gearboxes to conform to uneven track.

One of the 3 axles in each motor block should be significantly less floppy.... normally the ones closest to the fuel tanks, but the factory has done it several ways.

Go to the aristo site, the exploded parts diagrams... you will see there is a foam pad under one of the gearboxes inside the motor block.

Regards, Greg
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