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RE: Cumbres &Toltec Questions

To me, it's worth the money to become a "Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec" member because they often have trips that are not open to the public. For example, a few years ago I went on a photo frieght that went fromChama to Anonito and back--over two days. We overnighted in Antonito. But best of all, because it was a photo freight, the train would stop every so often, let all the photogs disembark, while it backed up, worked up a good head of steam (and lotsa smoke) to come roaring by the photo site. Sometimes, this would be done multiple times. It was the best train ride ever, although, sitting outdoors in a gon, I did ruin my favorite parka from all the soot.

And I third Jonathan's comment. Antonito to Chama is downhill, although this proved problematic on our run as the brakes kept dragging and we'd have to stop to make adjustments. BTW, this was in the Fall and the scenery was spectacular.

BTW take two: Trains Unlimited, or somebody like that usually has a photo freight trip, but it is way more expensive than the Friends version.

Also, for most of these trips the equipment is lettered for the DRGW or whatever.
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