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Back at the other MLS house I introduced the beginnings of my 7/8ths critter which was being built on an Aristocraft FA motor block.  I was also using the hood from a Bachmann 45 tonner.

This is what she looked like in that post.

Construction has continued, the gaps filled, details added etc.

More bits have been added and she's moving right along.

I've also started on a Molasses tank,

And a brake van.

This is really a tiny locomotive...representing a 10 ton loco.  But here she is next to the USAT 44t.

I finally got some primer on it the other day, so now I can see what needs to get a final sanding and/or fill with Squadron Green.

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Nice looking critter. I like what you have done so far. 1:13.7 is sure an appealing size. Hmmm, maybe I'll follow your lead and build something. Great, just what I need another project. Now see what you've done! (LOL)
Keep up the fine work,
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