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A few answers: Accuraft has reasonable selection of brass pilots from c16, and other locos in their parts catalog. Since they are metal, they are very strong. They also offer headlight lenses as separate parts. These are convex and made of a poly carb type material, but are not likely to be the correct diameter. The diameter issue can be corrected carefully..., otherwise the poly carb packaging material in most heavy duty blister packs( everything from SAms club or Costco is packaged this way) will also work . This is good stuff for windows and lenses since it is not styrene or similar plastic, it is poly carbonate- that is why it is so tough to open the package.
Mag-lite in Ontario California makes a small flashlight that uses AA cells- maybe their most popular size. The reflector from this size was available from their parts dept for 1.00 each. These can be fitted after suitable grinding-( it is a plastic part) into most any Large scale train headlight housing and really makes the headlight bright. There may be others that could also work, but I bought a large number many years ago and am still living off that supply.
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