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I'm helping a friend put a QSI Quantum sound decoder in his Aristo "Chessie System" GP-40 and there are 4 choices of horns for this loco:

Nathan M3
Natham M5
Leslie S3BJ
Leslie S3

Can anyone tell me which would be the correct (or closest) horn for this loco?

Thanks, Jeff S

Posted By George Adams on 06/05/2008 1:12 PM
The horn on the engine is a 5 chime horn I think its a Nathan, but I am not sure.

Why doesn't that surprize me....

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RE: Correct horn for Aristo "Chessie System" GP-40?

I have the same engine and a QSI pnp deocoder too. The horn is obviously a 5-chime, and through google image searches (which I don't remember now) it's a Leslie. Given the choices I went for Nathan M5, just for the number of chimes. I'm afraid I'm very far from recognizing how many rivets each has.

-- Bob Mills
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