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Greetings from Los Angeles, hoping for a little insight from the pros here.
I grabbed two never tracked LGB 40180 Field Cars that originally were part of what I BELIEVE was a starter set.
In any event, I have 15 Aristo two axle gondolas I'd like to couple these little guys with, once they've been weathered. However, as I'm as green as they come when it comes to mods of any kind, I'm stumped on which couplers will fit and how much Xacto work - if any -I should expect to have to do.
I purchased both KADEE 833 and 1833 coupler sets and both say "For LGB 2 Axle Cars". Frankly, to this rookie neither look like they'll work "out of the box" or bag as it were - Hoping for some input from the more experienced modelers, and ALWAYS so very much appreciated...


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