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I have noticed that for the last couple of months we have had some entries in the photo contest of "real" trains.. you know, the kind we ride on/in, they haul freight and stuff... and are decidedly larger than "G scale".

I was under the impression that the contest was for Large Scale Model trains. The impetus being our creative attempts to produce as "realistic" an image as we can. I think it's a bit easier to create a realistic image when photographing a real train.. (note the usage of the word "real" and it's derivative "realistic" in the same sentence there).

So... question... are we allowing "non-model images" in the contest? I read through the "contest guidelines" and it doesn't state anything either way, just that you need to register and vote once..

I'm good either way, I'd just like some clarification.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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