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Contacting Accucraft

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Hi there,

I've sent three e:mails to Accucraft (at the e:mail address shown on their website [email protected]) asking for assistance regarding a problem I have with my Goose No.2 (it shorts out when the wheels make contact with the body whilst going round curves) as well as requesting details of their future Goose releases, details fo which are shown on their forum but there are no pictures.

Not one of my e:mails has been acknowledged or responded to. Given the blurb on their website about their commitment to customer service I am rather surprised. Is this par for the course? They take your money (I've already got three of their Geese, a live steamer plus a number of UK outline freight cars and diesel switcher!!) and then ignore you.......or have I been unlucky?

Can anybody tell me how I can get a response from them by e:mail. I don't want to have to resort to wasting money trying to make an international phone call when an e:mail will/should suffice.

Many thanks......

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I've used the e-mail and I get a response by e-mail or telephone within 30 minutes. Very prompt in my opinion.
You will probally have to wait until he gets back from Diamondhead. I am pretty sure that he was to be out there for a few days. The email you have is correct. Seems like the whole body is grounded somewhere maybe check the wires to make sure it is supposed to be grounded then see if you can do anythign to keep the wheels from touching the body. I assume the front truck is what is grounging out. What radius are you running these on?
I've never got a response from e-mail, but always do by phone. I prefer email as well, but I'd highly recommend calling Accucraft.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your responses - would much prefer to contact by e:mail as then they should be able to see  what the problem is .....and then get back to me with a reasoned response. When calling (especially from the other side of the pond) you never know if the person answering the phone is the one who knows the answers.......If there is one guy who should be contacted can anyone give me his name?  My feeling is that If Accucraft don't like answering e:mails then they should not waste time giving it out ........

Jason, minimum curve radius is LGB Radius 3 but out on the main line am using Aristocraft curves upto 10ft radius with LGB Radius 5 points. 

Shorting out is occuring on both front and rear axles. Think the front axle problem can be fixed by fine-tuning the springing but the on the back axle the the flanges are making contact with the ribs that run along the bottom of the car body. This could probably be solved by filing an indent in the ribs so that the flanges don't make contact. I suggested this remedy to Accucraft in my unanswered e:mails because I don't  want to start filing if there is another known solution to this problem.

Goose No. 2 has been fitted with LGB/Massoth decoder plus a Pheonix Sound System. There is a possibility that when No.2 was put back together by the guy who installed it, it was not put back properly but I doubt that as the guy has already done the same with Goose No.5....I realise that Goose No.5 is constructed differently but he knows what he is doing.....and has not messed up anything yet;)

Look forward to your feedback. Many thanks,


PS; if you want to see some pics of what I've been doing in the garden have a look at: www.gscalemad.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=5925 The geese have not been let loose on this section loose as the link  back to the main line has not yet been completed - that's down to be done this spring!!
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