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Again - I don't think there is enough interest in 3 - 5 foot long LS cars. What do you think the average layout size is? I got an USA Trains hi stack by mistake and I noted
two things - way too long and way to fragile. I sold it to a buddy the next day...

As far as USA trains selling a lot of passenger cars - what is a lot? Anyone have a figure? I love Burlington Route stuff and I didn't even buy any....my layout wasn't big
enough at the time and there was nothing to pull it...until the E8s came out. I still haven't bought them.

And a beautiful passenger car certainly isn't a rolling parking lot. I personally don't find modern 120 car freight drags particularly pretty. To me, they are long, boring, have no caboose, nor
personality. The onlly thing that gives a modern freight some interest is the imaginative graffiti on the sides.

My home town gets about 130 freights a day through it and the only things I like to see are the Genesis Amtrak trains and the Radio contolled old Great Northern
Geep that humps freight that occasionally fouls up the main street crossing.

Again - strictly my personal opinon.

I think there is great talent to make these if you REALLY want one as displayed in this thread. Great craftmanship. Just post how it's done and make it an online class...

Ultimately, we have two manufacturers who make modern era stuff say there is no market for it and yet, we seem to know better? Seems awful risky
in tough economic times to take a chance on something that a very narrow portion of the hobby would or could consider buying.
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