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Agree with what Brian said.

I went down to our local plastics outlet and asked for the biggest leftover piece of Twin-Wall Polycarb they had. It was about 2 ft by 3ft... I cannot remember what I paid for it. Built a wood frame, hinged the twin-wall on top and it worked great.

The problem was with me. I leave early in the morning when it was often too cold to open. If I was good I would put a few rocks under the lid and hope it did not get really warm and sunny that day. Then I had to remember to take the rocks out that night.

Usually, I would either forget to prop it open during the day or close it at night. Either I burnt the plants or I froze them.

I think someone needs to be home during the day to monitor the cold frame. Maybe it will work after I retire........... Then again, my short term memory is fading as just fast as I'm aging.


Edit: Back in the hoosierland now but spent 17 adult years in the Ithaca area.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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