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TAC is correct about LGB.
It was the rack locomotive that got me into large scale. I now buy only 2 scales-1:22,5 for the rack section, and 1:20.3 for everything else.
I thnik there were some other small manufacturers in Swizterland.
LGB rack system started out at 1:22.5 scale so the distance between the rails is 1 meter.
The following are LGB parts numbers I have cut and pasted from various dealers:
10210 - the rack section - 300 mm, 12 pieces
10220 - the special holders to keep the rack section centered between the rails.
2046 - rack locos in red and blue varations.
24460 Great FO Rack electric locomotive.
64462 LGB Rack Coupler Hook, 8 pieces are the special couplers TAC is referring to. They are grey.
21470 LGB SBB Brunig HG 3/3 Rack Steam Loco
21471 LGB SBB Brunig HG 3/3 Rack Steam Loco with MTS and more expensive.
31330 LGB SBB Brunig 3rd Class Passenger Car
There are others.
I suggest you do a Google search with "LGB rack locomotive" as your search term.
It found http://www.legacystation.com/LGBSteam.htm with this description for the 21470

Between 1910 and 1926, the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works (SLM) built 17 gear-driven rack steam locomotives for the Brünigbahn. Loco Number 1068 was one of these and operated for many years on the famous Interlaken-Luzern line. Together with the matching LGB wagons (31330 and 41330), you can now model a complete SBB narrow-gauge passenger train on your LGB layout. This LGB model has a fully functional gear drive mechanism, but it can also be used on conventional track sections. It also features automatic directional lighting, a smoke generator and DCC decoder interface.

Did you have a particular prototype railroad in mind to model?
Mt Washington?
Pikes Peak?
FO, MOB, and other Swiss lines?
There are 2 in Spain that I know of. One due north of Barcelona, and I have a book in Catalan describing it. The other is at a Monastary towards Madrid from Barcelona.
There are also some French and at least 2 German ones, too.

Best book I have is called "Zahnradbahnen der Welt" and covers almost all cog systems.
What is the max slope for a rack/cog g scale?
Thank you,
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