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Steve and all, there's more to converting to Fn3 than track and such. There's the whole issue of scale versus size--a building in 1:24 or even 1:22 is smaller than one done in 1:20.3. These babies take up a lot of real estate and I can see why some folks model one-room general stores and the like. My styrene station has become the focal point of my Living Room Central railroad because it's so big. The Rider's Crossing general store, (now back under construction after the contractor took a few weeks off on Maui) is not quite as large, as it's done in 1:22. My rule is to build  all foreground structures (the ones that sit near the tracks, locos, and operating equipment) to 1:20.3 and to build the others (the ones in the near background) to 1:22.

Now problemo numero dos: I have three Barry-ized Bachmann 10-wheelers and about 30 freight and three passenger cars that are 1:22. I worked hard detailing much of the rollling stock and hate to dump it. The locos, I'll keep. One of them, converted to a 2-8-0 by Barry, is part way to becoming an obscure Lima Connie whose boiler looks a lot like the Tweetsie Baldwin boiler, which kinda tapers down toward the smokebox. I actually built part of the cab and diddled around with various steam and sand domes (Fletch suggested using deoderant spray caps). But as often happens, there's been a strike at the railroad's shops and that project is in limbo (now there's a town name for ya!).

I guess what I wanna say is that I'll super-size the locos (too much money invested in the drivetrain) and remainder the rolling stock. Maybe turn one of the 10-wheelers into a mogul. Coulda just bought one, but what's the fun of that?

Anybody remember where the boiler-building PDF files are in Fletch's library?
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