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Cast Plastic Numbers

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Perhaps sombody can verify that I am not delusional. I seem to remember seeing small cast plastic numbers on sprus offered for scale at a hobby store at one time, now long past. I am looking for something like this to paint with metalic brass or gold leaf paint, and glue onto the smokebox door number plate on my Bachmann saddletank Porter. The space available on the number plate is about 3/8" X 3/8", so the numbers need to be fairly small. I am planning to use 28 for the number plate.

If these items are still being made, I'm sure I can order them at The Rail Yard, my local hobby store.

Thanks in advance,
David Meashey
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They usually come in sets of the numbers 1 to 12 for clocks... you'll find them with clock motors and such at craft stores.
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